Here’s a touching volunteer story on how you can support PACE both in large ways and small, wherever and whenever you can. As part of her dream to rent an RV and hit the road, Robin, one of our event volunteers, held a massive garage sale at the beginning of June. She decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from her garage sale to PACE. Here’s the story in her words:

First, some background on me. I’m a single mom with a wonderful 21-year-old son. But he struggled when he was in school; he seemed to have a lot of mild symptoms of Asperger’s, but for years I had a lot of trouble getting appropriate educational evaluations. But with some help he’s now in community college and working at Whole Foods, which he loves.

When I first saw PACE it was for a West Valley Class assignment.  I observed the 3-5yr old set at Early Intervention.  I had done my homework before going there, so I was somewhat familiar with the different methodologies to help Autism.  This was my first experience observing it.  I had a “moment” when one little boy sort of sidestepped near me and then gave me direct eye contact.  I knew that was huge!  That connection was a huge step for him and he did it without a teacher asking him to or manipulating the encounter.  I observed many other positive encounters that day and I reflected them in my report to class.

This led to me cooking a heck of a lot of hot dogs for the PACE Golf Tournament in May! And that led to:  “hey, why not donate some of this money from the sale of all my furniture, artwork, etc to PACE…lets keep the help going!” And this also might lead to a further idea that I’m discussing with Bridget [Holian]: doing a drive-a-thon, so-to-speak, for each mile I drive on the open road in my RV!


Robin's note explaining the sale

Because of losing my job after my disability and my son moving to San Diego, I decided to make a change: sell most of my possessions and hit the open road in my RV. I’m meeting some great people in the process. Just think if every garage sale turned in a percentage to a charity—such a simple and fun thing to do! And it helps the people who buy feel better about their purchase. This trip, this process, is part of my healing, and that involves helping others heal.

I was very touched by Robin’s story, and especially her last line: “my healing involves helping others heal.” So well put. We really appreciate your donation efforts on behalf of PACE!

Have you had a similar experience to Robin’s, i.e. “healing by helping others heal”?

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  • Bridget:

    PACE is grateful for such amazing donors and volunteers! Thanks Robyn for your hard work. Safe travels on the road!

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