Laura Shumaker, local author, parent, news columnist, and blogger, recently paid a visit to PACE. After a tour of the school facility, she was moved and motivated to write about us on her SFgate blog. Read her very enthusiastic blog post! You’ll also find additional information about Autism, Autism resources and links. We’ve posted the link on our website and Facebook account. This post was also listed on the Autism Speaks blog.

Here’s background information on Laura: Laura Shumaker is the author of the book A Regular Guy: Growing up with Autism, and a columnist for Her essays have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Contra Costa Times, The New York Times, East Bay Monthly, The Autism Advocate, on and NPR Perspectives. Laura speaks regularly for schools and disability groups and lives in Lafayette, California with her husband, Peter, and her three sons. Read more about Laura Shumaker.

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