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December 2013
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Five Tips for Writing a Holiday Newsletter that Gets Read

We’ve all received a holiday newsletter that goes on and on about someone’s family accomplishments. John got a promotion. Sarah was voted president of the debate team. Bobby became captain of his hockey team. The bragging news goes on and on. It’s either boring or it can make you feel bad about your average life.


When writing your business’s holiday newsletter or email marketing campaign, don’t make the same mistake. It’s OK to share company news, but the purpose behind the email should be to honor your customers with valuable content. Before you send holiday greetings to your audience, keep these five things in mind:


1. Start with a creative subject line. Inboxes are full at this time of year. If a subject line doesn’t resonate with your subscribers, they may hit delete before they even open it. Instead, take time to craft a subject line that intrigues and peaks their curiosity. Short and sweet is better. Try subject lines such as, “Five Ways You Can Save Time This Holiday,” or “The One Thing You Should Know this Holiday Season.”


2. Keep it simple. Once they open your email newsletter, your customers will read it – if it’s short and sweet. Use lots of white space, and limit your content to one or two short points. If you are giving a holiday offer, make sure it is easy to understand. You’ll show your customers that you appreciate their time by keeping your correspondence brief.


3. Make it fun. The holidays are all about having fun. Make sure your newsletter has a light tone and if you can infuse humor, it’s even better. People will remember (or even forward) an email that made them smile.


4. Make it visual. Be sure to include colorful graphics in your email newsletter. Most people are visual in nature, and engaging photos or illustrations will keep your newsletter at the top of their mind. If you need help finding graphics, be sure to read the blog post we did on finding good images.


5. And be sure it’s mobile-friendly. Make sure your emails are optimized for mobile. With people out and about doing holiday errands, you’ll want to make sure your emails can be read on their devices while they’re on the go.

Whatever you do, be sure your holiday greeting includes a heartfelt thank you for their business and for their time. Happy holidays!!



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