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November 2013
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Three More TED Talks to Inspire You this Thanksgiving

At Boomerang, we love TED talks. They not only inspire us, they help us to look at

business in new and different ways. And we’re in good company; about a million

people a day visit to listen to experts talk about technology, entertainment,

design, business, science and global issues.


We wanted to share more TED Talk videos that we think will help you in your work.

These three are among the post popular on the site – and for good reason. Enjoy!


1. First is a talk about the Power of Vulnerability from Brené Brown, a researcher

on the topic of human connection. She talks about our ability to empathize, belong

and love. In her poignant yet funny talk, she’ll show you why vulnerability can

improve your relationships. Consider her advice as you write your newsletters,

blogs and social media posts.


2. Next, check out the Puzzle of Motivation. Best-selling author and career analyst

Dan Pink starts his talk with the fact that there’s a mismatch between what science

knows and what business does. He says traditional rewards aren’t always as

effective as we think. This is a great speech as you set goals for 2014 and work to

motivate your staff and your customers.



3. Finally, learn How to Make Stress Your Friend. If you look forward to

the weekends as a time to de-stress, you need to turn into psychologist Kelly

McGonigal’s TED talk. The researcher discovered that it’s not stress itself that’s bad

for you; it’s the belief that stress is bad that’s bad for you. By looking at it through a

new paradigm, she will show you how to see stress as a positive and how to reduce

it by reaching out to others.


From the Boomerang family to your family… Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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