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September 2013
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Four Quick Ways to Market Your Content – and One That’s a Little More Time Consuming!

We’ve all heard the phrase, “content is king.” This is partly true – content is king when it’s good content and when it’s promoted content. Is yours?

For a while companies forgot that people (in addition to robots) were reading the text that was being uploaded to sites. But reality has kicked in and gone are the days when content was just a SEO strategy. In order to make the most of the information you’re sharing, you must make it valuable and you must make it easily accessible.

Here are five tips for marketing the content you’re creating:

1. Think About Tweets: The easiest way to drive traffic to your content is through social media. When you’re writing your content, always be thinking about how it can be shared. You’re goal is to make the process quick and easy for readers. Include a “click to tweet” or “click to share” link next to interesting statistics or great quotes. When you make sharing easy for readers, you increase your chances of creating posts that go viral.

3. Invite Guest Blog Posts: When you ask an industry peer or customer to submit a post to be used on your blog, you not only tap into his or her knowledge, but you gain access into his or her network. (Plus, you get a break from content creation.) Guest posts allow you to market your content to a wider audience as the guest poster almost always promotes the content through his or her own channels.

3. Create an Infographic: Everyone loves infographics and they increase your potential for viral posts. They not only are engaging, but they can convey information in a fun and succinct way. If you’re not an artist, hire a graphics expert who can create a professional looking image. Then be sure to allow others to use it with attribution.

4. Have a Way to Subscribe: Make sure your blog includes a sign-up form for your marketing newsletter as well as an RSS feed. When visitors like what they read, they’ll want to read more but they might not remember to come back. By offering a way to bring the content to them you’re marketing your content.

5. Spend Time on Headlines: Ever click on an article because the headline was intriguing? We all have. Magazines and television news stations spend a lot of time and money creating cover blurbs and teasers that will draw readers and viewers. When you write a blog post or send an email-marketing newsletter, take as much time writing the headline as you do writing the post. Try to please both people and search engines – write something that’s intriguing but not too mysterious. If you need help, check out this great post on headline formulas that work:

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