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April 2013
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Four Reasons You Should Use an Event Management Tool

In business today, it’s all about relationships. And nothing creates stronger bonds with clients than connecting with each other through events. Whether it’s your annual convention, a Friday morning networking meeting or an exhibit at a national trade show, Boomerang’s Event Management tool can help you navigate the event planning and managing process.

Much like an air traffic control tower, a good Event Management Tool gives you a bird’s eye view of every aspect of your event. Here are four reasons why you should use Boomerang’s Event Management Tool for your next event:

1. You will increase attendance.

Inviting your customers to your event is as easy as clicking a button. You can also create marketing campaigns surrounding your events to further spread the word and increase ticket sales. And you can send reminders and notifications, which will help reduce the stress and workload that surrounds holding an event.

2. You will get instant information.

Boomerang’s Event Management tool has powerful reporting features. You’ll be able to access invitation open rates as well as real-time ticket sales. You can also offer questionnaires that allow your customers to give you feedback, helping you with your current event as well as helping plan future events. For example, if your customer cannot attend the event, you can instantly find out why.

3. You will offer improved service for your customers.

Using an event management tool means the ticket window is always open for your customers. You will be able to sell seats around the clock, and offer information on your event that can be accessed at any time. With the questionnaire feature, you will also be able to respond to any questions or concerns your customers may have.

4. You will be better organized.

Event Management software helps you better organize your event by creating and implementing an up-to-date plan. The system keeps your team and workflow coordinated by sharing tasks, objectives and goals. If done manually, event planning would require the creation and updating of several spreadsheets shared throughout several departments. Event Management software organizes all of the information in one place and can be exported as Excel files for analysis and review.

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