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December 2012
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Holy Google Analytics, Batman!

You probably already utilize Google Analytics on your website to track how visitors find and use your site; a 2011 study by Cardinal Path found that 64% of retail businesses and 45% of Fortune 500 companies do.

But if you’re not utilizing Google Analytics with your Boomerang Email Marketing Plan, you could be missing out on another level of information that can help you grow your business and tweak your next marketing effort.

Combining the two powerful tools is like engaging the “Dynamic Duo” for your business. That’s because Google Analytics links placed inside Boomerang emails will help you track visitor behavior once someone clicks through your email and begins to navigate your site.

You can easily build tagged links for five marketing variables: Source, which is your list; Medium, which in this case is email; Term, which identifies specific keywords or links; Content, which measures the success rate of various calls to action within an email; and Campaign, which gathers information for a specific email marketing campaign.

Here are four benefits for using Google Analytics with your Boomerang BlastWizard:

Page View Information

Google Analytics allows you to track where a customer goes once they click through your email. Do they read your landing page and exit from there? Do they spend time exploring your site? Which page do they click next?

Insight on Time Spent

Google Analytics measures how much time your customer spends on your site. It records a bounce rate for those who clicked through to your landing page and then left your site immediately. You will be able to determine if your email simply piqued their curiosity but didn’t hold their interest, or if it did it’s job and engaged the reader.

A Measure of Message Success

If you have multiple links in an email, Google Analytics can measure which link was the most successful based on click-through rate as well as which link resulted in the most amount of time spent on your site once the subscriber clicked through. This information allows you to understand what message motivates your customers and if that motivation results in the longest visit.

Transaction Details

Google Analytics allows you to quickly identify campaigns that result in transactions as well as Goals that were completed as a result of an email campaign. It also measures how many subscribers reviewed the product information but decided not to make a purchase at that time. Enable Goals in your profile settings in order to track your conversions. Once you have set up these parameters, you will be able to see the traffic and conversions coming in from your email marketing messages.

For complete instructions on setting up Google Analytics with Boomerang BlastWizard, click here.

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