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December 2012
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Hiring a Ghostwriter for Your Company Blog

There are a number of reasons why your company should consistently blog:

  1. It establishes you as an expert in your field
  2. It allows you to communicate with existing and prospective clients
  3. It boosts SEO and drives traffic to your website
  4. It helps build awareness
  5. It gives you a platform to promote programs and partners

But there is probably just one reason why you’re not:

  1. Time!

Having a blog that hasn’t been updated in months is like keeping Christmas decorations up until spring. It sends a message that your company doesn’t finish what it starts. It might also say that you don’t pay attention to details.

Since a blog is an important part of your overall marketing strategy, keep it current by hiring a professional ghostwriter. It sounds a little scary, but a ghostwriter is a (friendly) person who writes material under someone else’s byline: namely yours. Once only utilized by high profile people who wanted to pen books, today the use of a ghostwriter is more common than you might think.

And the benefits are many. First, a ghostwriter provides fresh content on a regular basis, and that means better SEO, as search engines reward sites that update content with better ranking. New posts – especially those that offer valuable information – keep customers engaged and establish you as an expert in your field.

A ghostwriter can also provide a fresh perspective on your industry. Sometimes, we can’t see the forest for the trees in our own industry. A ghostwriter will give an outsider’s perspective to your topic, which often mirrors the perspective of your clients.

Finding a ghostwriter is easy, as this is a growing field. Search for an independent ghostwriter on a site like LinkedIn. Or hire a ghostwriter through an agency like ProBlogService. You can also ask colleagues for referrals; if you enjoy another business’s blog, you might be surprised to learn it’s being ghostwritten for them. Or place an ad on Craigslist or a job site like eLance.

Some ghostwriters specialize in certain industries. This might be helpful for you if your business is complex, as it lessens the time a ghostwriter will need to gain an understanding of your field. The most important quality, however, is strong writing skills. Ask to review their writing samples and get referrals. If he or she doesn’t have experience in your industry, that shouldn’t necessarily be a deal-breaker. Most ghostwriters are quick learners – it’s one of the tricks of their trade. And after a few conversations, you should be on the same page when it comes to planning the direction you want to go with the writing of your articles.

Then sit back and enjoy the traffic your ghostwriter is building.

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