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November 2012
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Check out the New BlastWizard 8.0!

Boomerang is happy to announce the release of BlastWizard 8.0. This release includes a number of new features and updates, including:

  • External Login Authentication
  • Completely redesigned interface
  • Better page organization
  • Search feature in lists and documents sections
  • Email attachment option
  • “Opt-in form creator” now available to Salesforce users
  • New HTML templates
  • Ability to select time zone when scheduling mailings
  • New report page layout
  • Performance Optimization

External Login Authentication

New (and existing) users will now be able to login to BlastWizard via their Facebook, Gmail, or Yahoo accounts. While this is a benefit mainly to new users, existing users can also take advantage of this new feature. By logging in via your Gmail or Yahoo accounts, you will have access to, and can mail to, the address book of that account.


Redesigned Interface

The most prominent change in BlastWizard 8.0 is the redesigned interface. There is now a main “dashboard” home page, providing you direct access to the most commonly used features. We’ve also made things easier to navigate and more user-friendly while still retaining the familiarity of previous versions. Existing users of BlastWizard should have no trouble navigating the new site.


Better Page Organization

In order to better organize the site, certain features have been renamed while others have been relocated.

  • Campaign Wizard is now titled Job Schedulernavigation.jpg
  • Opt-in Forms and Unsubscribes have been relocated to the “Lists” section

>> Read more about Opt-In Forms

New “Search” Feature

Available in both the Lists and Documents section, this feature will allow you to search for a file based on its name.


Email Attachment Option

A much requested feature, the email attachment option allows you to now include a single attachment file with your email. Simply upload an attachment to the “Documentsarea and you will then be able to select it during the job scheduling process.

Note: Attachments can be no larger than 250KB in size and must be a PDF or image file.

Opt-In Form Creator Now Available to Salesforce Users

Previously a feature only available to our stand-alone BlastWizard (non-Salesforce) customers, the Opt-In Form Creator can now be utilized by our Salesforce customers as well. This tool allows you to create a sign-up form for collecting “opt-in” email addresses. Submissions to this form are automatically stored in a designated list within your BlastWizard account.

The Opt-In Form Creator is located in the “Lists” section of BlastWizard.

Click here for full instructions on creating a new Opt-In Form.

Note: The Opt-In Form Creator generates a snippet of HTML code which must be placed on your website or blog.


New HTML Templates

We’ve completely revamped our HTML template offering. There are now over 100 new, ready-to-use templates in our gallery.


Time Zone Selection

When setting the distribution time of your mailing during the job setup process, you will now be able to select a time zone via a drop-down menu.

Note: Reports will still be displayed in Pacific Time.


New Report Page Layout

Both the report dashboard and the individual job reports have been reorganized. We’ve made your reports easier to read, providing you with all of your pertinent job details on a single page.

Report Dashboard

This page provides you with a quick snapshot of the metrics of your most recent mailings.


Individual Job Report

This page provides you with direct access to individual job details. In addition, we also present to you 2 pie-charts. The first details your “Ready to send” number (the number of emails we will actually attempt), the second displays your email delivery rate.


Performance Optimization

Last, but not least, BlastWizard has undergone some speed upgrades. We’ve replaced quite a bit of hardware, which has resulted in an increased response time from BlastWizard.

You’ll notice a more “snappy” and responsive BlastWizard.

In addition, we focused on the following key items:

  • The first “call” made to the application is now 50% faster
  • Subsequent “calls” are 70% faster
  • For our Salesforce users, login time is 35% faster
  • Also for our Salesforce users, adding a new user is 50% faster

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