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November 2012
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How to Optimize the Next Six Weeks of Your Email Campaigns for the Holidays

Scheduling your newsletters for the holidays

Your customer’s inbox is getting pretty crowded this time of year. If you want your newsletter to be opened – and annihilated a mass delete – there are a few scheduling tricks you can use that will help you earn a click.

Choose the right day of the week

The same email opened one day might get deleted the next. How do you know which day has your best chance of being read? According to research on holiday email marketing trends, the highest open rate happens on Tuesdays with the second highest on Saturdays. According to the research, email volume during the holidays is highest on Fridays and Wednesdays. And click-through rates were highest for emails delivered on Sunday. What does this mean for you? Use it as a guideline, however, the best way to know which day is right for you is to test your own customer base. Send the same email with the same subject line to different segments of your email list on different days of the week and track the metrics of open rate and click throughs. And then use your own customized research for your marketing efforts.

Beef up, slow down, or stay the same?

Should you continue to send your newsletter during the holidays? If you sell consumer products, not only should you continue your newsletter, this is the time of year to beef up your schedule. The fourth quarter is most likely your big earning time and you don’t want to be missing from the scene. Test different subject lines and be sure to schedule your emails ahead of time so you don’t get too busy to send them out. If you sell services or non-consumer items, stick to your regular schedule. It may be tempting to skip emails during this time of year, thinking that they’ll just get lost in your customer’s full inbox, but your customers expect you to stay consistent.

Decide to deliver on a holiday

If your email is scheduled to deliver on a holiday, first consider your readers. If your audience is B2B, skip the holiday as your audience will most likely be away from their inbox. If your email is sitting with a couple hundred others when they return, there is a good chance it will get deleted. Instead, schedule your email to go out on during the early afternoon of the next business day. This gives your reader enough time to review and clean their inbox before your email arrives. If your audience is B2C, there is a higher percentage your readers will be checking their email over the holidays. Stick to your schedule even if it means you send an issue on Hanukkah or Christmas Day.

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