Why Using Email Marketing in a CRM Makes Great Sense

Having a detailed database of customer information is the foundation of a good customer relationship management system. But the same data that allows you follow up regularly with prospects and identify exactly where they are in the sales cycle can also help you create effective email marketing campaigns.

While customer relationship management systems, like Salesforce, help you manage relationships with existing and potential customers through a variety of platforms – email marketing is focused on connected with them in their inboxes. Integrating your email marketing solution into your CRM is a streamlined way to market to your potential clients and prospects in an enhanced way.

How to Convert Your CRM Leads into Email Marketing Prospects

Email marketing is a key tool in developing customer relationships and by integrating email marketing into your existing CRM solution, you can extend the life of those leads and make a bigger impact.

Email marketing reaches out and connects with prospects and customers long after they have left your site. With regular email marketing messages, you can reach out and develop a relationship with your prospects that leads to more sales.

As soon as a prospect enters your CRM system, you should send them a welcome message and start a regular series of messages that introduces them to the main benefits of your product or service. You can also share helpful information and articles that will increase their trust of your company and improve your relationship.

What to Look for in a CRM Email Marketing Solution

Email marketing from a CRM system should give you all of the options and functionality that you expect from a traditional email marketing platform. While many CRM solutions offer limited emailing capabilities, you need to use a platform that does more than simple text email message. Plain text email messages won’t get you the exposure or the engagement that you’re looking for from a comprehensive email marketing program.

Some of the critical areas of email marketing to look for are:

Message template creation

You should have the ability to create templated messages that include your company’s branding, social media icons and additional images.

List segmentation capabilities

When you are building a customer database, you are gathering a lot of information about your prospects. You should be able to put this information to good use with advanced segmentation. Sending specific email messages to specific clients that meet different criteria can help increase your open rates and improve results.

Email reporting and tracking

Sending out a simple message from your CRM won’t give you enough data to work with. When you use an integrated email marketing program, you can have access to the reports and data that you can use to plan for more email marketing success in the future.

Delivery technology

An integrated email marketing solution will have give you guaranteed delivery that you can rely on. It’s much more robust than emails sent through the CRM alone.

Using an email marketing solution that can integrate with your CRM system can save you time, create better results and make the entire marketing process more effective.

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