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HTML or Plain Text: Offering the Multi-Part Mime Alternative

While HTML formatted emails are most appealing to email marketer, some recipients still prefer the text version. But to reach your maximum audience, it makes sense to let your recipients decide in which format they would like to download and view your email messages. The multi-part mime email format comes in as a handy solution to this dilemma and gives the control back to the email recipient. Boomerang email marketing solutions support the multi-part format and ensure that all email jobs contain both a… Continue reading

Boomerang’s New Blog Newsletter Service

Boomerang enhances your email marketing by offering an automated Blog newsletter service to gain more readership and loyalty for your company and brand. With this service, Boomerang hosts your blog for you. When you post to the blog, Boomerang collects the most recent postings into newsletter format and emails this to your clients at a specified interval automatically. If you are considering using this service and you manage your own DNS servers, here’s how to set up the DNS to use with our blogging… Continue reading

Are You Taking Advantage of Social Media Outlets?

I’ve heard different opinions about social media. Some say it’s a blip and it’s only for young people. Others say it’s the marketing wave of the future. Since social media is relatively new, there’s really no set path as to how to tackle using it for your benefit. It’s a lot of trial and error to see what works best for you. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try out some of the outlets… you could see some surprising results. Create a Facebook Page Many people think Facebook if just for young people. … Continue reading

Top Email Clients Used to Keep in Mind When Email Marketing

I recently came across an interesting report on the top email clients used to send business and consumer emails. This is valuable information when creating emails for mass email marketing. The email client used to open an email affects the way the email is rendered. Many by default block images and most allow the recipient to choose whether or not images are enabled. You need to design your email to account for blocked images or HTML, just incase. Microsoft is still the leader of the pack for… Continue reading

Email Marketing To Your LinkedIn Contacts

So you have a fair amount of people you are connected to with your LinkedIn account. But how do you add them to your email lists? It’s easy… just export them. The process is simple if you know where to look: Log in to LinkedIn Click on the button in the left column. At the bottom of the page you should see the button. Click on this button. On the next page choose .csv file as the format in which to export your data. Then just import that file into BlastWizard using our handy list import tool. … Continue reading

Clean Up The HTML Code Before Sending Your Email Newsletter

Before sending out your HTML email newsletter, make sure the HTML code is clean. What I mean by this is, your code must follow the standard formatting. An “unclean” code may lead to problems related to how the email appears. Each Web browser and email program has its own set of rules as to how code is rendered. The end result? Browser A shows it normally but Browser B displays it that makes you scratch your head. Email Program A displays it fine but Email Program B decides to take a day off. The following… Continue reading