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October 2014
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5 Reasons to Not Use Pre-made Email Marketing Templates

Remember way back when we outlined the various reasons why you should consider using predesigned email templates? Well, not to confuse you or anything…

That’s right, while predesigned email templates have their excellent uses, there are certain circumstances where they might not be exactly ideal. We’re not contradicting ourselves at all; we’re just fair and balanced.

Here are five reasons you might want to rethink using predesigned email templates as a part of your marketing strategy.

You might not need them.

That’s right… you might not need an email template at all. Think about the content you send. Would you be helped by putting it in a very design-forward, email-y format, or would the information be more eagerly received in a plain text option? If you are basically just sending a letter, then having a very formal and heavily designed email might not be your best bet.

We like our emails tailored to fit our needs. If a marketing email looks like it was sent en masse, we’re tempted to send it directly to the “junk” folder, and we often do.

Consumers have become largely impervious to clear marketing devices; we’ve learned to tune out commercials on television and “mute” integrated video marketing. When we see an obvious email promotion, we just might dismiss it — and this is particularly true if the email isn’t personalized. Let’s face it — we’re more likely to actually read an email that is fairly understated and appears to have been drafted just for us. An email that is pulsating with graphics and images just seems like what it is: an ad.

They aren’t necessarily content-focused.

Content is king, as Matt Cutts is so fond of saying. Predesigned templates aren’t that great at content-focus; users are so concerned with the graphic layout and plugging in images that they’re ignoring the most important part of any email marketing strategy — the specific message your want to deliver.

They can be quite ignorable.

Now, your customer base is, without a doubt, used to receiving marketing emails. When you use a predesigned email template that your customers have seen again and again from different organizations, they are far more likely to discard it without clicking your links.

They’re free.

Hang on… isn’t free a good thing? Well, it depends. If you are just starting out and have a very limited budget, using an email template could help you achieve a presence that is more sophisticated than what you would otherwise be able to afford. However, if your company has been around for awhile, or you have a precise aesthetic you want to transfer to your email marketing endeavors, it is a better idea to design something unique to your brand.

They can be difficult to customize

This is largely for the business owner who insists upon tinkering with the template structure, but who doesn’t have the coding or design skills to pull it off. Trust us — you’ll only make it worse, and you might upset the image ratios and cause your emails to be routed to spam folders. If you need a highly specific email format that you can’t find in one of the thousands of free templates floating around, just hire a designer and spare yourself the endless fussing.

Basically, once you’ve ironed out your email marketing goals and techniques, you should know whether predesigned email templates are right for you. There really isn’t a black or white answer to whether or not to use these free templates, just remember what you are trying to achieve at this stage in your entire marketing plan. And whatever you do, don’t misspell the recipient’s name; the best email design in the world can’t overcome that gaffe.

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