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September 2014
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SEO in Email Marketing – No We Didn’t Confuse Our Marketing Methodology

To some poor, ignorant souls, email campaigns might seem like the last shriek on the marketing retreat. After all – haven’t we generally accepted that social media engagement, video uploads, and systematic new content creation are the pillars of search engine optimization and overall online marketing? Well, perhaps, but email marketing has a solid place in the promotional pantheon, and – believe it or not – it can aid SEO efforts dramatically.

Yes, there are SEO opportunities galore in a solid email marketing strategy. Seeing as how the main point of the vast majority of email marketing campaigns is to get the viewer to engage with the organization’s website and social media efforts, how can a successful email marketing strategy do anything but help SEO? Here are the main reasons why email marketing will enhance your SEO efforts.

Email marketing can boost overall online engagement.

When you launch a well thought-out email marketing initiative, you are basically inviting users to learn even more about your services by visiting your website. When your target consumers do visit your website and – if your Web pages are well designed and your content is useful to them – linger on your pages, you automatically begin to build your site’s online profile. You see, page visits aren’t the only factor that aids your SEO efforts – it is also the time spent on that page.

Moreover, if you invite your viewers to comment, share and subscribe to your newsletters and updates, your leads can spread your efforts to multiple channels. Which brings us to…

Use email to lure users to your services directly.

Like the most skilled hypnotists, good email marketing campaigns can entice their subjects into following their commands. Granted, they likely won’t be able to cause past life regression or release repressed memories, but they can tempt users to connect with you on Facebook and “like” your posts, which is almost as good.

You can encourage your users to subscribe to a specialized update feature that will notify them of specific features pertaining to their interests. Furthermore, you can diversify your email content in order to persuade your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel so that they can keep up with your video posts, or follow you on Instagram if they want to see your latest pictures.

Repurpose newsletter content to website content.

If you compose interesting newsletters every week, why banish them to the realm of email inboxes? Why not use them as blog posts, which can feature valuable links and be shared on social media channels?

Your newsletters contain fantastic content, so it only makes sense to use it to boost your search engine rankings. Just make sure you insert relevant keywords, so users can find you easily.

SEO and email marketing don’t have to be completely separate from one another; they can unite and create a large and successful initiative. Email marketing shouldn’t exist for the sole purpose of reminding consumers you exist. The best campaigns help to create an entire brand culture, and move viewers to want to be a part of that culture. If your emails are well composed, thoughtful and full of unique and useful information, then they will serve your SEO efforts very well.

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