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October 2014
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5 Red-Hot Email Marketing Strategies Sure to Spark Conversation with Your Subscribers

Every business wants their web marketing strategy to yield dazzling results – millions of “shares;” video clips that go viral; content that is tweeted and retweeted for days and weeks; revenue streams that never, ever dry up. Well, it’s fine to dream, but even though it is certainly nice to create a piece of content in which the world develops a violent and lengthy interest, you’re just as likely to be left a lavish country estate from a distant aristocratic relative. In other words, don’t rely upon a single luck-based event to launch your business into multi-million dollar territory.

Don’t get us wrong – we don’t mean that you should abandon your marketing efforts or, for that matter, your dreams; we mean that all fantastic digital marketing triumphs occur from incremental strategies that are rigorously tested and conscientiously developed. Here are four tips that will help you to create a foundation for a truly noteworthy email marketing campaign.

1. Content optimization.

This certainly isn’t new; everyone from Matt Cutts to the lowliest social media intern will tell you that content is everything. Unfortunately, getting David Sedaris to guest-blog for you is more than a little improbable. So, what can you do to develop rich and interesting content?
Be persistent with new content generation. If you blog, micro-blog and post images regularly (not necessarily hourly, but enough so that your content doesn’t generate the sound of crickets), you will begin to encourage viewers and even enthusiasm. Unfortunately, this is all but impossible for business blogs. Why? Because whenever a blog speaks as a business entity, it speaks for the purpose of generating sales and remaining blandly acceptable to the vast majority of consumers. There is rarely anything unique; almost never anything controversial. So, if you’re a business looking to engage an audience, reach out to successful people within (or tangential to) your industry and conduct an interview for the purpose of posting on your site. This creates the unique perspective that sparks interest.

2. Perks for repeat customers.

Everyone wants to feel special. When a customer has shown loyalty to your business or brand, don’t you think that merits a little extra attention? Your answer will probably be an accurate reflection of how devoted your customers are to you.

Repeat customers are valuable customers. Make sure that you acknowledge their importance by offering them unique deals, sales and discounts, as well as first dibs on new products or services. When you give your subscribers a reason to be loyal, they will be.

3. Check your email service provider.

Your emails won’t engender discussion or enthusiasm if your subscribers don’t get them. When you decide on an email service provider, make sure you research the deliverability rate. If you suspect that your emails aren’t reaching their targets, you’ll want to test your service, pronto.

When researching ESPs for your email campaign, ask the following questions: Does your ESP provide a dedicated or static IP address for your bulk mailings? Does it throttle (stagger) outgoing messages? Are messages authenticated and protected against being consider spam by ISPs? Is there a “retry” feature?

4. Regular service or purchase updates.

If you give annual or semi-annual reminders for service updates or repurchases, you might find that your subscribers are quite receptive. If you had your oil changed six months ago and got an email reminder for your next service, wouldn’t you be more likely to schedule a service than if you were left with only your own memory?

The only real conversation you want your customers and subscribers to engage in is a conversation about how fantastic your service and products are. When you dedicate your email marketing strategy to optimizing customer experience, you give yourself the tools to create the best and most profitable kind of conversation possible.

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