4 Ways to Spot an Ugly Email Marketing Design in the Wild

Jane Badall here, safari maven and expert in email marketing design. Join me on a hair-raising adventure into the depths of the junk folder jungle: territory few intrepid email marketers desire to tread. I’ll show you some of the world’s most exotic and terrifying email marketing blunders and help you find out how to keep your marketing emails off the endangered list.

1. Sending From a No-Reply Email Address

Despite repeated attempts to eradicate this useless species from the general email population, it continues to show a remarkable survival instinct. Sending from a no-reply email address is like draping your message in jungle camouflage: a major no-no that makes it very difficult to see by your intended targets!

Jane Badall Tip: You should welcome replies from your readers in order to indicate that you actually care!

2. Boring Design

Poorly executed, generic designs are the invasive species of the email marketing jungle: everyone wants to eliminate them! If you’re sending out humdrum missives or worse – downright ugly ones – you might as well send out nothing at all!

Jane Badall Tip: Get smart with your email marketing designs and watch your campaigns flourish!

3. Boring Subject Lines

A boring subject line is a sure-fire way to get your email marketing campaign relegated to the trash folder faster than a conservationist will confiscate an elephant gun! “Hello Readers” and “Our Latest News” are both boring and generic – they don’t make busy email readers want to click through. Things to avoid: the word FREE (triggers spam filters) and classic bait-and-switch promises.

Jane Badall Tip: Keep subject lines personal and timely and include geographic personalization for higher open rates.

4. Missing Out on Mobile

It’s a jungle out there, and 69 percent of its inhabitants are reading their emails on smartphones. Are you sending out beautifully designed emails that get lost in translation on mobile devices? If so, your readers may be missing your message, like trying to spot gorillas in the mist.

Jane Badall Tip: Be sure your email marketing campaign is mobile optimized, and give your subscribers the option to view it on a mobile device.

Thanks for joining me on this safari into the wilds of email marketing mistakes and disasters. I hope it’s been an informative and insightful journey. It’s time for me to retreat back into the bush, where I’ll continue fighting the good fight to catch-and-release the best examples of email marketing gone bad in the hopes of ridding the planet of this invasive species forever!

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