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September 2014
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It’s Not You, It’s Me – 4 Reasons out of Your Control Why People Don’t Click on Emails

You might have implemented every best practice with regard to your email marketing strategy, but you still have a smattering of customers who just aren’t responding the way you think they should. First of all: congratulations! Most of your leads have been hooked! Secondly, relax; there could be any number of reasons you don’t have 100 percent return on your efforts. Here are four reasons you legitimately may not entice every single customer, every single time.

They just don’t want the product.

Sometimes a sales representative just has to learn when to let go. If a customer researched “antique bocce ball sets” and purchased one as a gift for a distant relative, it is very likely that the customer won’t be needing another similar product any time in the near future. Hence, your email notifications about outdoor entertainment accessories will probably go unopened.

A small percentage of customers will just disappear with no warning. It’s troubling, yes, but you will get the occasional customer who might have needed a chimney cleaning service on a semi-regular basis, but who recently moved into a small apartment. Or the customer who used to come to your gourmet gelato parlor, but who has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. You might have just hired the ex-boyfriend/girlfriend of a customer, causing a former regular to avoid your restaurant like the plague. The sporadic customer who has dropped off of your active client list shouldn’t necessarily be chased relentlessly — sometimes people just move on.

They’ve just used your product/bought your service.

If a customer just had his car serviced, or recently ate at your restaurant, then he or she might not have an urgent need for your product. This doesn’t mean that he or she won’t click on your link in the near future; it just might not be for a little while.

The email address belongs to no one.

Some clients automatically use spam email addresses for newsletters, or just to continue reading content when subscriptions are required. The good news is: your content was interesting and/or useful enough to engage a viewer for a single visit, so a potential customer who has a real need for your product or service will probably be engaged.

Your prospective customers/clients despise email communications of all kinds, and there is nothing your excellent strategy can do to sway their opinions.

Yes, they exist — people who automatically delete marketing emails (or possibly route them to the “junk” folder — Heaven forbid) regardless of what they might offer. We might want to shake them out of their stubbornness, but all you can do is optimize your email marketing strategy and hope one day he or she will experience a Road to Damascus moment with regard to emails, open yours and click on the abundant links.

It is important to remember that your email marketing strategy, although excellent for the time being, might not continue to bear fruit until the end of time. Even the best campaigns have to be refreshed from time to time, and while you shouldn’t despair if you have a few hold outs, you should continue to monitor your successes and failures. Don’t worry over factors you can’t control; work on those your can.

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